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Dani 2014

Dani Samuels 2014, 23″ x 31.5″ (48 x 80cm). Oil on primed board. Phillip Carrero. At the very moment I was signing this painting Dani was on fire, throwing a new personal best …

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Michael Sullivan

79cm x 61cm (30″ x 24″) Oil on canvas board. Phillip Carrero 2010 Michael Sullivan (born 18 June 1980 in Taree, New South Wales) is an Australian professional rugby league …

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Steve Waugh

30Cm X 40Cm. Oil On Board. Captain Of The Australian Cricket Team 1999 Phillip Carrero. Stolen from my gallery “Paintings of the Sea” on February 21, 2003 – “Steve Waugh …

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Michael Klim

50Cm X 44Cm. Oil  On Canvas. World Championships Perth 1999. Phillip Carrero.

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60Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Canvas. Phillip Carrero. Tony Lockett. All Times Goal Kicking Record. Sydney Swans, 1999. One of my first dabs at lettering, vestiment folds and unusual body …

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Cathy Freeman

50Cm X 44Cm. Oil On Canvas. Cathy Freeman. World Championships Seville 1999. Phillip Carrero. It was an experience to “mould” Cathy’s cheeks and forehead until a three-dimensional effect was achieved, …

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