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Marcus from Egypt

“Marcus from Egypt” 40cm x 50cm (16″ x 20″) Oil on W&N canvas texture paper 300gsm. It had been a while since I painted a black face. Notwithstanding time I …

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Boy painting for Marina

“Boy painting for Marina” 40cm x 50cm (16″ x 20″) Oil on W&N canvas texture paper 300gsm. This is a painting I did for , one of my students as …

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Toddler Study 2017

“Toddler study” 40cm x 50cm (16″ x 20″) Oil on W&N canvas texture paper 300gsm. As part of my objective to, Gain back the time spent without painting, and Create …

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Cuddled In

20″ x 16″. Oil on canvas board, Hyde Park, Sydney. Phillip Carrero. Lunch hour at Hyde Park, tourists and office workers everywhere. This fellow comes and in two minutes he’s …

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  23 x 16. Oil on primed board. Oh My. . . It’s Cate Blanchet! Phillip Carrero. Cate Blanchett was born on May 14, 1969 in Australia to an American father …

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Manuel Blasco, study on Adolf

11 x 16. Drawing on cartridge, Phillip Carrero. This subject is part of a series of drawings I catalogued from several artists. I used them as studies for myself as …

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Jeff And Fi

90cm x 60cm. Oil on primed board, framed. Jeffrey and Fiona Carrero on their wedding day. Phillip Carrero

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Dabs in Graphite

This are a series of drawings I found in an old sketch-book under a pile of art books. They consist of graphite B2 to B9 sticks on A3 size cartridge …

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Laze And Valeria

24″ x 32″. Drawing on azure mat board. Composition made up from 5 different photographs. Phillip Carrero. Laze’s best friend had this drawing commissioned to be his wedding present to …

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Self Portrait With Pavers

61Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Primed Board. Phillip Carrero. Self are the easiest to get photos of to practice on. Original pic taken by Ernie Schumaker at Hollylea. Done while …

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